agilon health CEO, Ron Kuerbitz, Celebrates a Milestone at MDX Hawaii and Commitment to Collaboration

//agilon health CEO, Ron Kuerbitz, Celebrates a Milestone at MDX Hawaii and Commitment to Collaboration

agilon health CEO, Ron Kuerbitz, Celebrates a Milestone at MDX Hawaii and Commitment to Collaboration


I am heartened to again showcase significant success in moving agilon health forward through collegial and effective collaboration between our market-based teams and resources in our Long Beach office. The team at MDX Hawaii is well-deserving of this month’s spotlight.

Over the course of the Labor Day weekend, the team at MDX Hawaii, directed by the tremendous leadership of Bill Farry, were the first to transition to our new CORE platform. By all accounts, the implementation was a resounding success, and could not have been possible without significant contributions from many colleagues in Honolulu, Long Beach and beyond. MDX Hawaii has paved the way for the remainder of our markets to transition to the CORE operating system over the next few months, which is critical to the ongoing success of our organization. I want to personally thank everyone involved in this significant achievement and for the commitment to collaboration across the organization you demonstrated with this success. While the entire MDX Hawaii team and many, many other colleagues supported the implementation, I would be remiss to not publicly acknowledge several key leaders, including:

Hawaii-based team
• Leah Kamalu was our claims champion throughout the process and led the effort to drive improvements and overall claims related functionality.
• Letty Lian-Segawa was our utilization management champion throughout the implementation. Letty led the efforts to drive and test improvements in UM workflow and processing functionality.
• Myra Wong demonstrated an unflappable commitment to the details! In addition, she ensured we leveraged new capabilities to support configuration.
• Renerose Peralta worked tirelessly and combined her expertise in legacy system functionality, business requirements and reporting with CORE functionality and improvements.
• Trisha Loo wore several hats throughout the process by initially leading compliance-related development and then stepped up to assist with overall project management.

Long Beach/Other teams
• Darren Braun is our indispensable developer and key knowledge expert on the legacy and future functionality capabilities.
• Gail Walker jumped in to focus on EDI and Imagenet implementation efforts.
• Ruby Nicolas provided claims domain subject matter expertise and supported system upgrade and testing.
• Virginia Mungia provided application domain subject matter expertise and supported system upgrade, configuration, and testing.
• The technology team deserves special recognition for getting the Las Vegas data center stood up and operational to support the launch of CORE in Hawaii.

In addition to the tremendous collaborative effort to launch CORE, I want to note other key points of collaboration between MDX Hawaii and the agilon health corporate team. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen an encouraging increase in the number of annual health assessments performed through our Burden of Illness program in Hawaii. MDX Hawaii medical leadership provided by Dr. Desai and Dr. Uytingco, coupled with the dedication of the entire Healthcare Quality team, Provider Network Operations team along with data analytics, communications, and operations excellence support from Long Beach has resulted in over 8,600 annual health assessments performed so far this year. I appreciate the continued focus on these important efforts and encourage you all to continue to collaborate and innovate to meet our organizational goals.
Sharing these bright spots of collaboration with you from across the organization is one of the privileges I enjoy most. I hope you find them valuable in thinking through the opportunities we have in all of our markets to support our primary care physician partners in improving the health and well-being of our members.

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