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A Model Partnership

Physicians are looking for a better way to care for their patients and have fulfilling careers. Leading health plans understand this and are open to provider organizations that can improve the care experience for their members in economically sustainable ways. These challenges and opportunities are why agilon health was created and why there’s no better time for a partnership model designed to address these issues.

Leaders Today. Leaders Tomorrow.

The partnership model developed by agilon health is unique in the healthcare industry. We understand the importance of a local trusted brand and we deploy our clinical programs, communication plans, and administrative services to build upon this strength. We do not deploy capital to acquire leading medical groups, FQHCs or IPAs, rather we partner and invest in building our collective future.

We believe local provider organizations and brands should experience a halo effect from the partnership with agilon health that strengthens their relationship with patients, specialist physicians and elevates the provider organization’s position in the market and as well as its long-term sustainability.

Our partnership with agilon health provides Central Ohio Primary Care the experience and expertise to confidently transform the payment model and enter into risk contracting in our region.
– William Wulf, MD, CEO, Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians

Investment Opportunities

Our partnership structure allows strong primary care physician organizations and their specialist networks to use the efficiencies they create within the negotiated capitation framework to invest in their practice and the care of their patients. Because of the high-quality, proactive care the partnership model brings to patients, hospitalizations and unnecessary procedures are reduced, generating savings. Partner organizations then have the flexibility to use those resources to expand the practice, further align physician behavior around quality and efficiency metrics, or invest in more practice resources that improve physician workload and patient experience.

Flexibility, Diversity & Geography

One of the hallmarks of agilon health’s approach is the flexibility of our clinical, business and operational models. This flexibility allows us to successfully launch in diverse markets with varying insurance products and partner structures. Our model embraces local market nuances and allows us to collaborate with our partners to develop a unique set of operating assumptions that best fit their goals and market constraints. Here are some of our current partners who are benefiting from this flexible approach:

Vantage Medical Group (Los Angeles metro market) is a Medicaid-focused IPA that serves nearly 400,000 members. One of the largest IPAs in California, Vantage collaborates with Blue Shield, Care1st, HealthNet, Humana, Inland Empire Health Plan and Molina to manage the quality and efficiency of care for patients in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

MDX Hawai’i is a leading payor network caring and managing global risk for nearly 30,000 Medicare Advantage members. A leader in the transformation from fee-for-service to risk-based agreements, MDX Hawai’i collaborates with Humana and United Healthcare.

First Choice Medical Group (Central Valley, CA) is a leading IPA caring for over 70,000 Medicaid and Medicare Advantage members in Fresno and Madera counties. Health plan collaborators include local, regional and national health plans, such as Anthem, Blue Shield of California, CalViva Health and Care1st, who are committed to innovating the delivery system with their physician organization partners.

Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians Medical Group is the largest independent medical group in the country with over 300 providers treating forty percent of the local market’s patients. With over 20,000 Medicare Advantage patients, COPC is collaborating with the leading local and national health plans in central Ohio.